News for the future of this website (and more)

Nearly four years later…

I started this website nearly four years ago, not really having a clue what I was planning to do other than post my poorly-presented hand-drawn comics on it. Years later I was not expecting to have a shop set up, and neither was I expecting to be selling greetings cards alongside my comics! But as the time went on, change happened, and big changes are to come to Wierd Face Productions, of which I will explain throughout this post.

The end of an era (and the start of a new one – sort of)

So it turns out, on WordPress, it costs 40 EURO A MONTH to keep this website alive… So unfortunately, the paid site I am currently using will have to go very soon, BUT I will see if I can transfer the domain onto a free website hosting service such as Wix or Squarespace. While it is kind of unfortunate to see the site shut down, at the end of the day, other than the shop, it is just an empty space attracting no one, with money being poured down the drain to keep it going. As for the shop, I will still be selling my cards and comics, this time on Etsy, so it will be easier for me to keep track of my products and sales.


As the creator, I think having the issues together side by side looks really cool. Maybe that’s just me.

When I started this site, it was really just a place to dump my comics there as I said before, and to be honest, after those years of learning to improve my art and story, I have decided to consider every free comic (minus the Peanut butter flood) NON CANON, just to make that clear. Though they were fun to have, I feel like I can do better than them, which is also why all the comics I do now are part of the Wierd Face Comic Universe series. Speaking of that, if and when I get this new site set up, I am planning to start uploading the pages of the series onto that site. The reason I am doing this is because, currently the only way for all of you people to read the series is to buy the physical versions, which comes with its problems; I do have fun making these comics, but I am done with having people pay to read them, as I think I would have more fun making them knowing that they are easily accessible for people to read. If and when this new site is set up, I will start uploading a page at a certain time to hopefully keep people reading and waiting for the next page. It will practically become a webcomic, but I will still be printing and selling physical editions, just in case people want to buy them on Etsy. I will also not be archiving the original free comics from this website onto the next site.

Greetings Cards

So basically, I have mostly lost interest in creating new greeting cards, except for Christmas cards. At the moment, I have not sold much of all types of cards, so I still have a full stock and I think I have already covered most mainstream holidays/celebrations by now. But I really find making the comics so much more enjoyable. Don’t worry, I’ll still be selling the cards through Etsy. Also, soon I will be putting up a poll on maybe Instagram of seeing what everyone’s favorite Christmas card design was from each year (2020 and 2021) and picking the best ones from them and putting them in as 2 of the 4 designs for the 2022 batch, leaving me with 2 new ones to design (its kinda wierd having to do them during summer, but also handy I guess). 

The story of the Wierd Face Comic Universe

Totally not inspired by Endgame. Nope. Not at all.

If you remember, there’s currently a page on this site for the lore and story of the WFCU (Wierd Face Comic Universe). Please please please do not take anything I said there like it will happen in the series, because back then I was an idiot for putting out the whole world building plot to the public. I would take it down now, but I’m not really bothered, seeing as this site is in its final months. To anyone who has went to the bother of reading it, first of all, fair play to you, second, the whole “Chapters of Lore” thing won’t really apply to the WFCU. Back then I was experimenting and probably trying to do what JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure did with its different generations for every season and such. So take all that stuff with a pinch of salt. Same with the “Character Origins” section. Doesn’t mean anything at the moment. It’s just a tiny, tiny pinch of salt. At the moment I have a sketchbook where I’m writing down all my ideas for characters and what will happen throughout the series, so I’m beginning to get a scope of what I’m going to do with the story. 

My YouTube channel

Oh how amateurish I was

Lets see… the last video I posted was about… 7 months ago. A trailer for issue #2 I think. Basically from Now onwards, I think I will stick to trailers for new comic episodes, as it does give me the opportunity to do a little bit of animation, alongside the fact that stop motion takes too much time, and I have nothing else to do there (unless you want piano videos? Let me know if you do, because I might be willing to do them. might.). I would make a new account to start fresh, but this whole google account stupidity prevents me from doing it.

Instagram/ facebook

That’s right, I reused the image.

Mark Zuckerberg… you sneaky lizard/robot/zombie thing. If you didn’t know, the Instagram and Facebook algorithms don’t let everyone who follows me see my posts and in order to do that I have to pay money for that. This is something that holds back so many underrated creators on that platform, which ticks me off a lot. I’ve also noticed how lazy content is promoted a lot more. Ah yes watching people watch stuff, a little dance, or some unfunny meme or some random person shouting, all done through an attention span shortening algorithm (Tiktok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, etc.). And if I try to explain it to other people, apparently I’m the idiot. What has our world come to… oh, I just realized I’ve gone on a little tangent . I am considering starting fresh with a new Instagram account, but like the google account problem, that could also prevent me from doing so.

Project Paperbag

Here’s a preview of page 1 I guess. Just without the speech bubbles.

As you would know, I am working on the next episode in the series, but I do not know what to name it. It’s about a person called Peanut with a paper bag stuck to his head, who wakes up outside his house and has no idea who he is or what happened. He also has pencils attached to his wrists that allow him to travel throughout his universe (not the multiverse, I’m not ready for that brain-melting topic yet). This will be the third episode in the series, and will also feature Skippy the wolf. This episode will be part one of the story arc, as it was originally going to be just one arc, but the story turned out to be very long so I had to split the project in two. As of this post, I am currently halfway through colouring in the pages on my laptop, so maybe it will be ready around September.

I did not like Dune.

I could not understand the story one bit.

The end of this blog post

Before you ask, yes I used reference.

If you have read up to here, thanks so much. It’s gonna be a Wierd future for Wierd Face, but I guess that’s the whole point of the name. (fun fact, I came up with the Wierd Face logo when I was about 10 or 11 when drawing a random face on an arcade building in a Pigeon Man comic). If and when I do get this new site up and running I will probably copy and paste all of this blog onto it if I’m lazy or create a new entry if I’m not. I would also love to hear your feedback, so please contact me through DMs or leave a comment on this post, and tell me what you think of these changes! But if you are one of those Canadian Pharmacy scammers (DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE LINKS IN THE PRIVACY POLICY) please do not leave a comment. Even though I know they won’t read this and probably won’t care. But with all that out of the way, I hope everyone who reads this has a good day! I will be back with more news soon hopefully.

With much gratitude,

Skippy CFS

Also, to avoid confusion, yes I spell the word “Weird” wrong deliberately.

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