Welcome to Wierd Face Productions!

In this website, you will be able to read comics done by the one and only Skippy CFS, who has had a successful YouTube channel for three years. On his channel, he does Lego Stop Motion (animations) and will soon have comic videos.

Along with comics, you will also get to read funny Fadvertisements (Fake advertisements) and a few comics done by his brother Mr Feathers.

About the world of Wierd Face’s backstory: About 14 billion years ago, when the Big Bang happened, it created a substance in a place very far away from us. The substance was called Wierdness (good wierdness, of course). This substance gathered together to form a planet, which is called ‘Whatsitcalled’. This is the planet that all the characters in my website live in.

The comics and Fadvertisements do not contain any violence or swearing.

Enjoy your time here!

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